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Lectures and full day classes are available with Gayle. Classes are both project and process oriented with most having several designs to choose from.  Many of the patterns in the books can also be offered as a class. If you are interested in bringing her to your guild or shop, call (262) 215-7803, write or e-mail her for fee and scheduling information.


Pick a Pinwheel Quilt Class ProjectNEW! Pick a Pinwheel (3 hours)

The Thirtysomething Square Up now doubles as a tool to make units that have only one skinny triangle in the square unit. Suddenly adding 60° angles in square patchwork blocks is easier than ever. We will practice by making three different pinwheel blocks that each finish 9” square.  See The Thirtysomething Block Book

thirtysomething stars quilting class projectNEW! Thirtysomething Stars (3 hours)

Learn new piecing skills as you become acquainted with the Thirtysomething concept. Make these classic four-pointed star blocks, then set them on point. Simply set them on point with sashing or alternate them with a favorite fabric. Enjoy a mini trunk show of the many ways to incorporate the star point units into your patchwork. See The Thirtysomething Block Book

Something Else Quilting WorkshopSomething Else (half day, full day or two days)
Learn how to make Thirtysomething units and the various companion units that can be made with version 2 of the Thirtysomething Square Up. There is no specific project for this class, but you will make enough units to combine in a variety of sampler blocks that can be the start of or added to a sampler quilt you make. See “The Thirtysomething Block Book” or go to and click on Thirtysomething in the labels list.

All techniques will be demonstrated but a longer class allows more time to put the techniques into practice.

Savor the Scraps - quilting workshopSavor the Scraps (full day)
Learn three Thirtysomething units to incorporate into your quilts. Choose 1 of 5 different designs in class. Simple straight line piecing and optional easy border designs combine with your scraps in your project.  Easy, fun and versatile; you will find yourself making more. Being a scrap quilt, you can easily alter the size. Some precutting is required.

Kissing Cousins - quilting workshopKissing Cousins (full day)
Broaden your piecing expertise while learning how to make the Fancy X block, a variation of the basic kaleidoscope. This is the jumping off point for a new experience in patchwork. Begin the popular quilt, Kissing Cousins shown in Thirtysomething.

Fancy That - quilting workshopFancy That (full day)
Learn how to incorporate 60° triangles in square patchwork blocks as you have fun making a variety of practice blocks. Three new units are taught including the Fancy X, the Sixtysomething unit and the Three-Patch Triangle. Easy cutting and a few tricks contribute to your success.

Twin Peaks quilt workshop with Gayle BongTwin Peaks, too! Quilter’s Choice (full day)
Learn the Twin Peaks technique in this class as you begin work on one of  three lap quilts. Create sets of joined triangles quickly with this inventive technique. Simply sew two strips of fabric into a tube and cut into triangles. No fussing and fiddling with individual triangles. Participants can choose from these 3 quilts featured in Twin Peaks: Window Shopping, Rust Spots or Chip Off the Old Block.  Some precutting required.
Royal Anvil Star Quilt PatternInfinite Stars (full day)
Discover the infinite number of star designs that become possible when you convert a traditional patchwork block into a diamond. Start the day with a fascinating color and design session. Learn cutting and piecing 60° angles, and your on your way to a spectacular wall hanging. A very exciting class! Based on Gayle's first book, Infinite Stars.

Geese in the Garden (full day)

This is a rewarding excersie in value as carefully selecting your scraps results in the medium colors echoing the pattern of the dark colors. Clever and easy construction techniques ensures flat, square blocks.

ThirtySomething Crash Course Project - quilting workshopThirtysomething : The Basics (full day)

Become acquainted with the Thirtysomething concept while piecing a block using the 3 original techniques. Then add a simple Thirtysomething border for a small wallhanging or use the techniques in other blocks. Learn new skills to make dozens of new designs. What could be more fun?

Twin Peaks - quilt workshopTwin Peaks (full day)

This workshop presents the surprisingly easy triangle trick, twin peaks. Coordinate your medium and dark scraps, choose a light background and get ready for some fun as you begin piecing Calico Rickrack. Or add some mystery and choose one of the alternate settings. Some precutting is required.

Shimmer and Shine Quilting WorkshopShimmer and Shine (full day)

In this class you will learn tricks for cutting and piecing 60 ° star designs. This design is easier than it looks, because no set-ins are required, and the points for the stars are made using a strip-piecing technique.

Plan B - quilt workshopPlan B (full day)

Staggered strip sets is the secret for quickly piecing rows of scrappy little squares. Combine it with our favorite folded corners and you will have tons of fun sewing this scrappy star lap quilt. Some precutting is required.

Tea Time Tablerunner - quilt workshopTea Time Tablerunner (full day)

These stars can shine onyour table during the holidays or any time. For fast and great-looking results, this design will be rotary cut and uses strip sets and folded corner techniques. This is a good-sized project to learn new skills and it makes a great gift.

To schedule a workshop or lecture, please contact me
or call (262) 215-7803.


Tips, Tops, & Tales

What inspires you to make a particular quilt? Is it the fabric, a technique, a story, or someone you love? This trunk show is designed to inspire quilters to use their rotary cutting tools and their stash.  See what inspires Gayle to design her quilts and review her innovative methods. Sit back and enjoy the show as this miscellaneous collection of tips, tops and tales entertains you. More than 30 pieces will be shown.


Survey the exciting patterns and illusions that you can incorporate in your quilts when you use thirtysomething units. Gayle will give you an overview of the construction technique used that simplifies both cutting and piecing these pointy pieces. Live quilts will inspire you to plan your next masterpiece and give you an idea of how easy and fun piecing these angles can be.

Save the Scraps

Careful planning is required to make a scrap quilt that looks like a happy accident. Tips for sorting and organizing scraps and suggestions for fabric selection are included in this showing of at least two dozen happy scrap quilts. Here's the solution to dealing with your scraps.

To schedule a workshop or lecture, please contact me
or call (262) 215-7803.