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S is for Scraps
18 Great Quilts

Twin Peaks by Gayle Bong, quilting book

Give your scraps a place to shine! With striking styles that move beyond basic strips and squares, Gayle Bong speaks directly to what many quilters struggle with: how to select fabric for a scrap quilt.

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Welcome to my website. Iím Gayle Bong, quilt designer, teacher and author. Iím pleased to announce that an advance copy of my eighth book is in my hands. S is for Scraps is scheduled to be released November 2010. I squeezed 18 patterns in this book. It includes everything from the easiest projects for beginners to more advanced work like the LeMoyne Star quilt shown on the cover. I even included two designs using Thirtysomething units. The Amazon link will give you a great preview of the projects. I know that Martingale accepts pre-orders and Iíd be happy to fill your order too, if youíd like an autographed copy.

Someone told me once that nothing ever stays the same. I needed to hear that at the time cause I didnít like the way things were going. Things havenít been changing all that much in my life lately. And thatís fine, cause I like the way things are going. In short, I still live to quilt. For the detailed version, you can check my blog where I relate most of my involvement in quilting. I love hearing from you, so please donít hesitate to post a comment.

I plan to ramp up the efforts on the next Thirtysomething book just as soon as I get S is for Scraps off the ground. Sometimes one thing at a time is so much less stressful. As I get wiser (yes, older) I realize I donít need to create all that stress for myself. Please be patient.

Gayle Bong

Also, I put a little time into organizing my abundance of quilts and quilt tops. I sorted out which ones I was willing to part with and decided to open an Etsy store to sell the quilts. Mostly wall hangings are listed so far. I've also added a page to my blog to sell the quilt tops. For the most part the sale quilts don't scream "made by Gayle Bong". They are mostly older samples from classes, demos and trunk shows.

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