Gayle Bong - Author and Creator of Thirtysomething quilting

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Gayle Bong, author of ThirtySomething, and avid quilter in WisconsinGayle Bong has been designing and making quilts for over 30 years favoring scrappy patchwork quilts that can be rotary cut. She began teaching quilting when she adapted the latest rotary cutting techniques to the 60° angle. Two years later she began teaching nationally with the release of her first book. Gayle has written 9 books for quilters featuring scraps or designs based on the 60° angle. Her latest book in the Thirtysomething series combines 30° and 60° angles in square units to make over 115 new block designs.

She is always eager to spread the joy of quilting either in her books, or her classes and lectures. In her classes, technique skills are combined with efficient time management skills to assist her students in completing all the quilts on their to-do list. She moves continually from student to student and shares as much information as possible during the session. Students report her instructions are very clear. Being a designer at heart, she encourages students to use her designs as a jumping off point and add their own creative ideas to their project.

Gayle lives with her husband in rural Elkhorn, Wisconsin. She makes time to enjoy wildflower gardening and hiking in the fields and wooded hills around her home